How CrowdfundEd works

What is CrowdfundEd?

Sponsors help fund projects. To help this process along Creators offer rewards for donations. Funds only change hands when a project achieves its minimum needed.

For more information on the sponsorship process for both Sponsors and Creators, please visit our About section.

Who can be a Creator?

CrowdfundEd has been created for schools and their PTAs, so a Creator must be a registered member of a school. All projects will need to be ‘signed off’ by the school ‘Moderator’ (the person who has set up the CrowdfundEd Gallery). Where the Creator is a member of staff, the project must be for the direct benefit of students.

Crowdfunding is an inherently public process so, for child protection reasons, Creators have to be at least 16 years old. If younger than this, students can ask a member of staff at their school to register as the Creator of the project, e.g. their teacher or PTA member.

How much can Creators raise for projects?

CrowdfundEd supports all sorts of projects, from big to small. Creators can raise funds for projects of any size they wish. There really isn't a limit on too small or too big - whether that's £100 or £100,000 CrowdfundEd can help!

What is all-or-nothing funding?

All-or-nothing funding means that unless your project has achieved its minimum fundraising target by its fundraising deadline, no donations or rewards change hands.

Assuming you reach your minimum target by your fundraising deadline, your pledges will be processed.

Account Settings

Can I change my profile name?

Make sure you're logged in, go to 'account', and click on the 'edit profile' button.

I forgot my password. How can I log in?

D'oh! You can reset your password by clicking the 'reset your password' link on the login page. You will be sent an mail which contains a link to gain access to your account.

How do I delete my account?

Contact us using our contact form! We'll miss you!

Can I change my email notification settings?

You will only receive emails about projects which you are following. To stop receiving these, go to the project page and click 'Follow' - when the pink heart is absent you won't receive email updates. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, click on 'Unsubscribe' at the bottom of any newsletter.

The Website

Can I find FundEd elsewhere on the web?

Yes, please visit for details of our other services.

Who is the team behind CrowdfundEd?

An important question. The CrowdfundEd platform is a collaboration between Community Inspired Ltd (who run and and Hubbub (the experts behind the crowdfunding technology.

Starting your project

Who can be a Creator?

CrowdfundEd is designed for schools and PTAs to raise money for projects for the benefit of the school. All projects must be agreed with the school. If you are over 16 and would like to launch a project to raise money for a school, contact the school first and discuss it with them.

Creators have to be at least 16 years of age. If you're under 16 and want to post a project, you'll need to get someone over 16 to register on the site and be responsible for your project, e.g. your teacher or PTA member..

What types of project can we post?

Does your school want to run an enrichment programme for STEM or do you want to take a class out on a school trip to inspire them and raise their aspirations? Do you need new sports equipment to allow your pupils to try a new sport ? Are you looking to set up an after-school club and need costumes and equipment for a production? Or are you looking to inspire budding biologists and need of an incubator to grow some baby terrapins?

Projects can be pretty much anything! CrowdfundEd is primarily here to help schools raise money for extra projects that help to inspire pupils and raise their aspirations.

A few rules do apply and you can see these in the CrowdfundEd Guidelines.

We just need general sponsorship to cover a club for the year. Can we post on CrowdfundEd?

Just seeking "sponsorship" doesn't really constitute a project. However, that doesn't mean you can't turn it into one. Think about how you could break this down for potential Sponsors. How will you spend the funds? What will they allow you to do? Over what period will the funds be used?

For advice on how to create an awesome project visit CrowdfundEd Academy.

We’re raising money for a community project. Can we post on CrowdfundEd?

Schools regularly raise money for local good causes. Giving something back to the local community can have it’s own rewards and encourages pupils to become socially conscious and community aware. CrowdfundEd is an ideal platform to bring your community together to raise money for a local project.

Is a merchant services account required?

Yes – we suggest that you set up a Stripe account as it is simple and straightforward. If your school already has a PayPal account, please contact us for more information about using this on the CrowdfundEd platform. Stripe is an online payment service that allows pledges by credit or debit card. You will need a Stripe account to use CrowdfundEd. It's worth setting this up as early as possible.

Are a minimum needed, funding target and completion date required?

Yes! A minimum needed, funding target and completion date are all required. For advice on selecting your funding target and completion date, please visit CrowdfundEd Academy.

What is all-or-nothing funding?

All-or-nothing funding means that unless your project has achieved its minimum fundraising target by its fundraising deadline, no donations or rewards change hands.

Assuming you reach your minimum target by your fundraising deadline, your pledges will be processed.


Are rewards required?

No! However we've found that offering a reward for a donation helps Sponsors to engage with your project and encourages donations. The better your rewards, the more likely you are to reach your funding target. But remember, you only need to deliver your rewards if your project reaches its minimum needed and after you have received your funding. This means that the funds you receive will cover the cost of rewards.

For advice on choosing rewards, check out CrowdfundEd’s Rewards Guide.

Who creates the rewards?

You, the Creator, create the rewards. They can be very simple, such as a ‘Thank You’ letter from the pupils or a photo/video showing the pupils with the item that has been funded (this also acts as very good PR and helps you to engage with your Sponsors). If you are thinking of giving a reward that costs money, just think about this extra cost and add this into your target. At the end of the day the cost and number of the rewards is controlled by you, so do consider this when choosing them.

What can be offered?

We leave this largely to you. Rewards are typically items connected to the project itself but can be as simple as a ‘Thank You’ letter or photo from the pupils. For large sponsors you may wish to invite them to an event or even create a plaque ‘this item was sponsored by XYZ’. Inviting sponsors to school performances or social events can help you to engage with your sponsors and could even lead to greater sponsorship. Then there are various forms of accreditation reward ranging from a mention on your website or your school newsletter to naming something after a Sponsor. Anything that seeks to build a relationship with Sponsors is a great approach.

For advice on choosing rewards, check out CrowdfundEd’s Rewards Guide.

Can we limit the quantity of a reward?

Yes. When you add a reward to your proposal, you will be asked to specify whether it is in limited supply and, if so, how many you are able to provide.

How can we get Sponsors' information to give them their rewards?

All the information you need will be available after your completion date if your project is successful.

Why doesn't the number of Sponsors match the number of rewards?

Sponsors have the option of selecting a reward beneath their donation level or to select no reward at all.

After Submission

What happens after we submit our project?

For advice on how to promote your project, you can visit the Promotion section of CrowdfundEd Academy.

There is also some great advice and checklists in the Promotions Guide.

Can we edit our project after submitting?

Sorry! Apart from us needing to keep reviewing amended proposals, we feel this allows too much room for Creators to change the deal after Sponsors have made donations.

However, you can add updates to your project once published so that Sponsors can keep track of the latest developments.

Can we change our minimum, funding goal or completion date after submitting?

No. It is not permitted to edit your project after submission.

Can we edit our project after funding is completed?

No, otherwise Creators would be able to raise money donated for one purpose and then spend it on something different. This isn't fair on your Sponsors.

How many projects can we post at the same time?

As many as you want. We impose no limit though it might be in your interest to keep the number of live projects low. This prevents you exhausting your networks of potential Sponsors. Sponsors are unlikely to donate several times to the same school in a short space of time. Even if they do, their donations will be far smaller when shared between multiple projects, meaning that maybe none of your projects get funded!

Can we split funding for one project into several projects?

Yes. The advantage of doing this is that people might be more interested in one aspect of your plans than another and, in doing so, you're giving them the freedom to choose where to put their money. The disadvantages are outlined above. You must also remember that if you earn funding for one aspect of the project, but not the others, you are still obliged to complete the successfully funded project.

Can we share our projects before we submit?

Yes. In the sense that you will be able to discuss what you're doing with people online and via word of mouth. However, you will not be able to send people a link to your project in draft mode (though screenshots are possible). In order for other people to view your projects prior to it going live, you will need to log in to your account and demo the project in preview mode.

Can we cancel our projects?

You can cancel a project by informing us using our contact form.

Can we retry if unsuccessful?

Yes. If you didn't reach your minimum you can re-submit your project as many times as you like. However, we recommend that you make some alterations. Why weren't you successful last time? Would a different funding target or completion date help?

You can view advice on setting these in CrowdfundEd Academy.

What happens if funding is completed before the completion date?

Nothing! There isn't an option to end a project early. Donations are only collected at the completion date. We allow Sponsors to continue donating even after your target has been reached so you could even generate more. We have found that projects offering great rewards have managed to achieve many times their funding target!

Can we raise more than our minimum needed?

Yes. Your minimum needed is the minimum you need with which to carry out your project.

How many Creators can we have on our project?

There can only be one Creator account per project, but you should definitely get help from your friends and other department or PTA members to help create and promote it.

Where can we find Sponsors?

Finding Sponsors is vital if you are to achieve your funding target. For advice on how to promote you project, please visit the Promotion section of CrowdfundEd Academy.


Does Stripe charge any fees for credit/debit card payments?

Stripe applies fees of 2.4% + 20p for every donation made to successful projects. Please visit Stripe's Fees page for more information on their costs.

Does it cost anything to post on CrowdfundEd?

No. Once your school has signed up for the FundEd programme you can add as many projects as you like. We do not charge a % of the funds you raise. Payment fees from Stripe will only be applied when a project is successfully funded.

Project Media

Do we have to make a video?

No, but a video is highly recommended as it greatly improves your chances of achieving your funding target.

Can we add a video later?

No. You can't edit a project after submitting it but you can provide updates

Any advice on what makes a great video?

Hop on over to the Video section of CrowdfundEd Academy for advice on how to put a great video together.

What types of video can we use?

CrowdfundEd accepts Vimeo and YouTube videos.

How large can our video's file size be?

CrowdfundEd accepts Vimeo and YouTube videos. Vimeo's basic account has a limit of 500mb per file and 5GB for premium accounts. Youtube has a limit of 2GB.

How many images can we have?

One video, but as many images as you like! You just need to enter the web address of the image in your project description.

Can we use music on our video?

Yes, but only if you have permission to do so from its owner! Alternatively you can use any music from

Can we embed media?

You can add images to the description section of your project, but not videos.


What are Updates?

An Update is a bit like a status update on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter. It lets Sponsors know about developments in your project and how you're getting on. They breathe life into your project and are essential to the sponsorship process. For advice on how to use them visit the Updates section of CrowdfundEd Academy.

What media can we use in Updates?

You can add images, but not videos.

Will Sponsors know if we've posted an Update?

Yes. They will be notified automatically. For advice on how to use them visit the Updates section of CrowdfundEd Academy.


What is our responsibility for answering questions from Sponsors?

Sponsors will ask you questions about your project. They may want more information on your rewards or to ask for more details about how you will carry out your project, or even for more information on your school! Sponsors should be answered promptly. In cases where many Sponsors ask the same question, you should answer with an Update to your project so that anyone viewing it can see this information.

What if we can't complete our project as listed?

If this is the case you must cancel funding immediately. However, please be aware that this could damage your reputation and that of your school, so please do not do it lightly.

You can cancel a project by informing us using our contact form.

What if we can't deliver a reward?

Get in touch with the Sponsor(s) immediately. Creators who are honest and open will find Sponsors to be far more forgiving. You may be asked to provide a different reward. In very rare instances, a Sponsor may request a refund. When you submit your project you will be asked to agree to a refund policy, which will also be displayed to the Sponsor when they make a pledge.


Who can be a Sponsor?

Anybody can be a Sponsor. They will need either a debit/credit card or can send in a cheque. They will be asked for their details when you pledge to a project.

How do they make a pledge?

They simply find a project you like and hit the 'Sponsor This Project' button at the right-hand side of the page and follow the on-screen instructions.

When will they be charged?

Their card will be charged after the project fundraising deadline but only if the project they pledge to achieves its minimum needed by this date. If the project is unsuccessful no money changes hands, so their card is not charged.

What happens if a project does not achieve its minimum needed?

Nothing! No money changes hands. This is all-or-nothing funding.

Can they pledge anonymously?

Yes. When they make a pledge they will be given the option of displaying:

  • their name and the value of their pledge;
  • just their name; or
  • remaining completely anonymous.

Please note that they will not be anonymous to the Creator - only to the public.

Is the value of their pledge made public?

Not automatically. We leave it entirely up to them to decide whether their name and contribution should be displayed as described above.

What info about Sponsors does the school Creator see?

Creators see their username, the size of their donation, and the reward they've selected. If the project is successful, we'll also give the Creator their email address so that you can contact them regarding their rewards.

Will you notify them if a project they’re sponsoring is successful?

Yes. They will receive an email regardless of whether the project is successful or not.

Can they change their pledge?

They will not be allowed to amend an existing donation but they can add another one.

Can they cancel their pledge?

When they make a pledge they make a commitment to that Creator and the payment will be taken if the project is successful.

What happens if their credit card is declined?

Don’t worry, if this happens they will be sent a re-pledge link so they can make sure they have the necessary funds available and re-donate.


Can a Sponsor change their reward selection?

Sorry, no. Creators need to be able to manage the quantity of their rewards so changes could cause problems

When will a reward be delivered?

If a project is successful, the reward will be delivered at the approximate delivery date stated on the Creator's project page. If a Sponsor would like more information, they can contact the Creator directly through the profile or project page.

What does a Sponsor do if the rewards haven't yet been delivered?

The delivery of rewards is a tough part of the process for Creators, especially where there are large numbers of rewards to send out. Hopefully, the Creator will communicate any problems to all Sponsors. However Sponsors can contact the Creator directly through their profile or project page.